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AC Coil Cleaning | How often do you need it?

Published by Derek Cormier

AC coil cleaning probably isn’t on at the top of your mind and most likely will not be a job you love to do. Dirty coils impact how efficient your unit is. Not only that, too much build up can cause your air conditioner to break down. With the summer quickly approaching, you want to ensure nothing breaks down. So if you want cold AC and lower electric bills this summer, read on.

Why proper cleaning is so important

Maintaining clean coils allows for an easier cooling process, meaning your AC system will run more efficiently. Less buildup of dirt will make sure your machine doesn’t have to work as hard, and this will save you money on your AC and electric bill. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your AC system as well. Lack of good care and maintenance may result in repairs and a shorter unit lifespan. Preventative measures will save you money in the long run.

How often do I need to schedule AC coil cleaning?

In most cases AC coil cleaning needs to be completed once per year. This helps ensure your machine runs efficiently. If you live in an abnormally windy or dusty area your AC may need to be checked more often. Heavy use of your AC may also result in more frequent check-us. Older AC systems tend to collect more dust and dirt in shorter time periods than newer machines. Checking up on your system when it seems to run less efficiently is always a great idea. This can prevent larger issues in the future.

How to clean your AC coils

Cleaning your AC coils requires some delicateness. AC coils are fragile and shouldn’t be treated harshly or with the wrong materials. They may bend or break as a result of too much pressure while cleaning. Replacing AC coils can be expensive.

Simply hosing down your AC unit should remove the buildup of dirt. Because coils can damage easily, please consider an expert when stubborn dirt doesn’t move when handling it with water.

Forgetting to remove dirt buildup can be costly, therefore scheduling regular maintenance appointments will ensure your AC lives longer and remains working smoothly.

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