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Air Conditioning Companies in Palm Bay Fl

Published by Derek Cormier

When you are searching for air conditioning companies in Palm Bay Fl, there seems to be an almost endless amount of options. When you need repairs or service on your HVAC unit you need to make the right choice. An HVAC unit is a major component (and possible expense) so you need to ensure it is functioning properly. When it comes time for service or repair, call the trusted professionals at Climate Experts!

What to look for when choosing air conditioning companies in Palm Bay fl

The City of Palm Bay Fl is one of the fastest expanding cities in Florida. Whether you have recently purchased a house, or are a long time resident considering selling in the near future, it’s important to make sure you HVAC unit is functioning properly. By performing regular maintenance on your HVAC unit, you are sure to keep it in working order. This protects the value of your home. We recommend having an annual service plan, which you can see here. This way you are always covered!


New Homes in Palm Bay Fl

Whether you search online or get a recommendation from a friend or family member, there are some things to keep in mind when researching air conditioning companies in Palm Bay Fl. If you take the time to look into the company further, it becomes clear who you can trust and who you cannot. When completing this research, look at the following:

  • Google and Social Media ReviewsTake the time to check an ac repair company’s reviews. These reviews tell a story of how well they interact with customers, complete the work, and what they do in case there is an issue. Climate Experts (at the time of this article) has 95 Google review and 27 Facebook reviews, with a five star rating on both platforms. We’re proud of our reviews, because it shows we care about our customers.
  • Response Time and CommunicationYour time is valuable, especially if your air conditioner is not working. A good ac repair company will answer the phone promptly in a professional manner. If none one is available, you should be able to expect a call back quickly to help you solve your problem. At Climate Experts, if we cannot answer the phone immediately, we will call you back within 15 minutes. When you speak with the company, they should be friendly and not rushed.
  • Professional AppearanceWhen you are looking at the ac repair company online, make not of their appearance. Are they in uniform? Do they have marked trucks? Is their equipment new and well taken care of? A good HVAC company will invest in themselves, and this should be apparent to you. When a company takes the time to ensure they are professional for their customers, there is a better chance they will provide good service, and stand behind it in the future.

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When it comes time to research air conditioning companies in Palm Bay Fl make sure to check out Climate Experts! Please call at (321-345-3415) or message us on Facebook!