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Don’t Delay, Schedule AC Repair Today

Published by Derek Cormier

The long, hot Florida summer is finally winding down. The day will soon come when your air conditioner gets some much-deserved rest after all its hard work. But what about your nagging concern that it hasn’t been working as it should? Will that winter rest fix the problem?

Probably not. When there’s an issue with your air conditioner at the end of the cooling season, it should be addressed promptly. Here are some signs you should not ignore that mean your AC unit needs professional AC repair in Melbourne, FL, and the key reasons why putting it off is a bad idea. 

Does This Require Repair?

The best way to determine whether a concern requires a repair is to have a qualified technician inspect your AC unit. But in the meantime, here are some clues that your air conditioner may give you when it needs some help.

  • Noise: Of course, air conditioners will always make noise, even brand-new or top-condition ones. But those sounds should be consistent: the whirr of the fan, the hum of the compressor, perhaps a tick as the cycle shuts down or the occasional drip of water. If there are new sounds, you should pay attention. Banging, rattling, hissing, buzzing, or frequent clicking can all indicate problems that need prompt repair.
  • Airflow or Temperature: If the cold air coming out of your AC unit has no pressure and comes out in a mere trickle, or if the air is simply not coming out cold the way it used to, it’s time for repair. 
  • Short Cycling: Your AC unit should have started its life running in cycles of 15 or 20 minutes. If the compressor now kicks on and off every few minutes, there’s a problem. 

Why Fix It Now?

  • Don’t Let Problems Get Worse: Any of these signs could mean there’s something small wrong that requires a simple fix. But even a small problem can turn into a big problem if you keep running your air conditioner without repair. For example, a rattle could be caused by a component being slightly loose. A technician, a screwdriver, and two minutes could mean the component won’t come completely free and damage another part of the unit in the process. 
  • Don’t Waste Money on Energy: When your AC unit struggles to do its job, it is using extra unnecessary energy to get your home to a comfortable temperature. This means higher utility bills without any benefit. Waste is bad for your bank balance and bad for the earth.
  • Schedule While It’s Convenient: In the spring, it may be harder to book an appointment that fits your busy calendar, because many people will be installing new systems (and addressing the problems they didn’t get fixed in the fall, if they don’t read this blog). 

Why Hire a Professional?

Of course, a qualified technician has the experience necessary to diagnose and fix problems with confidence, because they’ve seen it all before. But that’s not the only reason to avoid doing AC repair yourself. Some of the parts of an air conditioner, such as electrical components and refrigerant, can be quite hazardous. Only a trained professional should handle them.

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