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Have you ever had your AC Drain line clog?

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Have you ever had your AC Drain line clog?

At Climate Experts, we understand the frustration homeowners have with an HVAC system that is having issues. Preventative HVAC maintenance can save homeowners time and money on costly repairs, cleanings, and service calls. There are several things you can do as a homeowner to help keep your HVAC system working properly throughout the year. Check out this short video that walks you through homeowner AC maintenance and how to clean a drain line yourself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2edTyMEe56g&feature=youtu.be

Watch our tutorial on HVAC maintenance for Homeowner’s

In this video Derek goes over: 1.) What homeowner’s are responsible for doing to keep their HVAC system maintained 2.) How to clean a clogged drain line. 3.) The importance of maintenance and steps taken during a tune up.

Why do drain line’s clog?

A clogged drain line can be caused by sludge build up, rust, contaminants and even lizards stopping the flow of water attempting to exit outside the home. Recommended maintenance to keep the drain line clean, includes adding distilled vinegar in the drain line. We recommend 2 cups added directly to the drain line every 2 months to prevent build up.

Product sold at Home Depot.

The AC Line build up remover is sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s. It costs about $7.50. It has shown to effectively dislodge sludge build up for those difficult to clean drain lines. This product can be used 1 time per month and pour the entire bottle into the drain line to clear sludge build up. It is more powerful than vinegar and safe for drain line and drain pans.

Prevent Dirty AC Coils.

Keeping your AC coils clean is essential for proper cooling and healthy indoor air. Change filters often based on manufacturers recommendations. We also recommend coil sanitization every 6 months to keep the coil disinfected.

Get Bi-Annual HVAC tune-ups

HVAC Manufacturers recommend having an HVAC tune up completed every 6 months for optimal performance. WE OFFER A 24 POINT TUNE UP WITH DRAIN TREATMENT AND COIL SANITIZATION FOR ONLY$79 Call 321-345-3415 to schedule a tune up now Or click to book online now TRY ONE OF OUR PACKAGES!