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HVAC Repairman | Melbourne Florida

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HVAC Repairman

What is an HVAC repairman anyway? That’s the focus of this article because we want to educate the Space Coast on the differences between a true HVAC professional and an untrained handyman. We know it’s unpleasant and costly when your HVAC unit breaks down, but trusting the right professional for the job the first time will save you money in the long run!

What is HVAC

HVAC confuses a lot of people because it covers so many functions. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Basically, your HVAC system controls the temperature and airflow in your home or business. There are several different manufacturers, types, components and solutions for both residential and commercial use. On the Space Coast, one of the most important functions of your HVAC system is to keep you cool inside! You can learn more about HVAC, specifically the AC portion here.

Professional vs Handyman

We know it is tempting to contact a handyman to try and fix your AC when it stops because you want to save a little money. The truth is though that an untrained professional may very likely cost you more in the long run. Without the proper training to work on an HVAC unit improper parts or techniques may be used that will do more harm than good. Your repair will be even more costly when you call a professional HVAC repairman.

What Training is Needed

There is a lot of training needed to work on HVAC systems. Climate Experts take training very seriously. We put all of our technicians through the NATE certification. This certification is additional training to achieve a higher level of excellence when working on HVAC units. When you talk to a repair company, ask them if they are NATE certified. You can learn more about the certification here.

Climate Experts

At Climate Experts were going above and beyond to ensure all of our technicians have more training than anyone on the Space Coast. When it is time to service, repair, or install your HVAC unit save yourself time and money by calling Climate Experts!