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HVAC Unit | Benefits When Its Time to Upgrade

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As a homeowner you always want to keep everything as efficient as possible. Efficiency generally is synonymous with monthly savings. A great way to achieve this efficiency is by maintaining your heating and air conditioning system. When you follow the right maintenance schedule, your HVAC unit can last 10 to 15 years.This also means you need to know when it’s the right time to replace the HVAC unit instead of repairing it. Unfortunately, there comes a time when your HVAC unit needs to be replaced. Even with the right maintenance schedule and upkeep, systems only last so long. Eventually, an upgrade makes more sense than extensive repairs.While investing in a new system is an investment, upgrading can actually have a number of benefits. When a HVAC unit is older, they may begin to break down, work less efficiently, or even need to be repaired more often. While struggling though another season with your old equipment may seem like it’s helping you avoid purchasing an upgrade, it could actually cost you more in the long term.With summer quickly approaching many homeowners on the Space Coast will have to make the decision this year. Before you make a purchase, it’s important to fully understand your potential investment. To help prepare for your HVAC unit upgrade, let’s take a look at a few things you can expect.



Cooling your home in the Florida heat gets expensive. If your home’s equipment is sized incorrectly or your system is outdated, it will run less efficiently. If you’re still running an air conditioner that is ten or more years old, your cooling bills are likely a lot higher than they should be.Upgrading your HVAC system can help you lower your bills without having to sacrifice your comfort. When you install a new, correctly-sized, updated system you cool your home while spending less money. While you may have to spend more to install your new system, your monthly savings can quickly make the investment worth it.


As a HVAC unit get older, it will work less efficiently. Parts wear our and technology becomes outdated. Older systems do not perform as well in regulating the temperatures inside your home. This make your cooling bills higher and also make it more difficult to get your home to a comfortable temperature.When you upgrade to a new system it’s an opportunity to ensure the systems is sized properly for your home. This ensures you will be able to cool your home efficiently which costs you less money. Make sure to work with a company that are experts and ensuring systems sizes are accurate.


Proper maintenance of your HVAC unit is important. Even if you are very good about scheduling routine maintenance, at some point the system will begin to break down. Climate Experts can help you decide if it is time to replace your system. Think about how much you have spent in the past year or two on repairs. Partner that with increasing electricity costs and you generally have you answer.A new system will still need regular maintenance services, but it will require fewer repairs. If you’re constantly scheduling repair appointments for your heating or AC unit without seeing any lasting improvement, it’s probably time to consider a new system.



If you’ve been running into a number of problems with your heating and air conditioning equipment, why spend your hard-earned money on repairs or high energy bills? Rather than suffering through another year of record-breaking summer temperatures, invest in a new system and enjoy a more comfortable home. With fewer repair appointments, more efficient cooling, and lower energy bills, a new home comfort system could actually save you money.If you believe it’s time to upgrade your HVAC equipment, contact us at Climate Experts Air, Plumbing & Electric. We are a veteran and family owned business who only employs NATE certified technicians. We will help you determine when upgrading is right for you, as well as which system will work best in your home. When you invest in the right system, you’ll know it will last for years to come.To schedule your free, in-home estimate, call us at 321-345-3415. Make sure to follow us on Facebook