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These Myths Are Hurting Your Air Conditioner

Published by Derek Cormier


It’s important to get facts from experts rather than base your ideas on rumors and information from people who don’t have a background in the field they’re telling you about. When it comes to air conditioners, there are some pieces of misinformation that you may have heard. As experts in home cooling systems, we’d like to give you clear information so you don’t damage your AC by believing common myths.

While there are a wide array of wrong ideas, such as that air conditioning causes colds (it doesn’t—germs do), we are going to focus on those that can actually cause your air conditioner to struggle or your home to be less comfortable. So here are some facts and the problems that can be caused by believing the myths instead.

AC Units Always Cool at the Same Rate

Many people believe their homes will cool down faster if they set their thermostats lower when they’re trying to bring the temp down. This is not how air conditioners work. Your home will get to the target temperature at the same time, whether you set your thermostat to the target temperature or set it much lower. Forcing your AC to keep cooling after you’ve reached your desired temperature will only increase energy expenditure and wear and tear on the unit.

AC Units Should Be Sized to the Home

It’s not true that larger air conditioners work better. What works best is to have an AC unit that is properly sized for the space you need to cool. Too small a unit, and it will run all the time, wasting energy, incurring wear and tear, and possibly still not keeping your home cool enough. Too large a unit, and it will constantly cycle on and off as it reaches the target temperature too quickly.

Because the startup is the most energy-intensive part of the cycle and the part that causes the most strain on the system, this will waste energy, increase the likelihood of repairs being needed, and lower the life expectancy of the unit. Too powerful an air conditioner can even do damage to your ductwork.

Maintenance Is Necessary

Some people will tell you that you don’t need annual air conditioner maintenance as long as your AC unit is relatively new or as long as it seems to be working okay. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Maintenance reduces wear and tear, increases efficiency, and catches small problems early before they develop into big problems that require AC system repair in Palm Bay, FL.

And speaking of repairs, if you do have any concerns about your air conditioner, such as wondering why it’s making a strange noise or you think that parts of your home are not getting cooled well enough, don’t put off calling for repairs. Minor issues can become total breakdowns if they’re not addressed. 

Our team of experts would always be happy to answer questions, dispel myths, and help you become more knowledgeable about your home comfort systems.

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