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7 Signs Your AC Needs TLC

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Your AC unit is an escape from hot afternoon heat and a source of cold air for hot nights or warm days. And in the winter, it provides warmth and comfort when you need it most. That means that if anything goes wrong with your AC, you want to take care of it right away. If your unit isn’t working properly, it can lead to bigger problems.

When a unit fails to produce cold temperatures, there is a problem with the parts of the process of cooling. Before you call in professional help, here are seven telltale signs of a broken or faulty air conditioning system that could save your home from unnecessary stress and trouble.

1. It’s Over 15 Years Old

If your air conditioner is older than fifteen years, it may be time to replace it. Older units lose up to ten percent of their energy efficiency annually, and replacing them will save you money on energy bills in the long run.

2. Doesn’t Keep The House Cool

Is your unit unable to cool down the house even though it’s set at the lowest temperature possible? If this is the case, it doesn’t mean that your air conditioner is broken. It could be an indication of a problem or even an imminent failure. The problem may also be restricted airflow caused by a clogged filter or dryer.

3. The Filter Is Dirty Or Rusted

AC units work by moving air through the system; if the filter is clogged with dust and dirt, this will slow down the process and decrease the unit’s performance. The same goes for rusted coils or even a cracked compressor. All these things will make your unit inefficient and expensive to run.

4. Makes Unusual Noises Or Sounds

Do you hear loud banging, clicking, hissing, rattling, or humming noises when the AC runs? These sounds could indicate a problem with the compressor, fan, or belts. If you notice these signs, it’s best to call for professional AC repair in Rockledge, FL, as soon as possible to avoid damage.

5. There Is A Weird Odor

If your AC smells like burning metal, this could mean that there’s a problem with the motor. A pungent or chemical smell could indicate leaks in the refrigerant. A gas leak isn’t only dangerous for your family and pets, but it can also damage the AC unit if not caught early.

6. Faulty Wiring Or A Tripped Breaker

If you notice problems with the electric wiring or a tripped breaker, there’s a chance that power surges or voltage fluctuations may have caused damage to the unit. Faulty wiring could also be an indication of a leak in the system, which is another serious problem that needs professional service.

7. Leaks Or Water Puddles

If you notice an odd color liquid or water pooling around your AC unit, it means that your refrigerant is leaking. It could also indicate a crack in the drain line or anywhere else on the unit’s exterior. Leaks are very costly problems to deal with, so it’s best to call professionals as soon as you notice any signs.

Best AC Repairs

If you notice any of the signs above, we recommend calling in professional help. The early you catch a problem, the easier it will be to fix, saving you money and time.

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