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Don’t Wait on AC Repair

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The holidays in Florida are a little different. There aren’t many other places in the country where you can expect to exchange gifts and watch your favorite holiday movies when the weather is sunny and warm outside. You know you can expect that here, though. You use your air conditioner almost year round and that’s why it’s so important to get prompt air conditioning repair in Merritt Island, FL when you need it most.

Procrastination is enemy number one when it comes to your home’s HVAC system. It’s important to make sure that you get quality care as soon as possible for your system. If you’re wondering what problems warrant a call to a professional about your home’s air conditioning system, we’re going to define them today.


Why Procrastination Makes Things Worse

In a perfect world, you’d maintain your home’s air conditioning system in early spring. Early spring is typically the time of year where the weather starts to heat up a little and you’re going to begin using your air conditioner more. Tuning up your system during this time is going to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to perform when you need it most. Although maintenance is important everywhere, we really stress the importance here in Florida because we use our air conditioners so often and for so long. It’s warm here far past the typical fall and winter seasons. It’s why we’re even discussing air conditioning services in December. If you’re looking for quality maintenance, we want to help you out.

When to Contact Us

Now, you might wonder when you should contact us. Here are some signs that you could use help from one of our air conditioning professionals…

Loud Noises

Have you noticed that there are some loud noises that occur whenever you run your home’s heater? This is bad news. Although loud noises are a problem on their own when it comes to your home’s peace, they can cause even more of a problem when it comes to repair problems down the line.

Low Output

Low output can be frustrating. It’s something we commonly see homeowners try to overcompensate for through increased heater usage. Instead of doing this, we suggest calling one of our professionals when you feel like your heater isn’t performing the way you’re used to.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is something that you might notice from your air conditioner as well. Short cycling is when your air conditioner starts, runs for a short amount of time, stops, and then begins again. Short cycling is not only terrible for your efficiency, but it’s also bad for your comfort. It’s why it’s worthwhile to get in touch with our team members about it.

An Energy Bill Spike

Have you noticed that your monthly energy bills have spiked seemingly out of nowhere? Can you relate this spike to when you started running your air conditioner? If you can, then you’ve found the reason. You’ve got an efficiency problem and our team members have the tools and knowledge necessary to fix it.

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