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Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Published by Derek Cormier


In Florida, air conditioning is not a luxury. If an air conditioner breaks down, it can do more than just make you unpleasantly warm. It can be hazardous to your health and well-being! But why are we focusing on air conditioners now, when you’re enjoying a refreshing break from the hot weather? Because it’s ideal to have a new air conditioner installed in the winter, before you really need it again.

How can you tell if your air conditioner should be replaced? How can you make sure your new one is the best choice? What else should you know about this process? We’re happy to give you some pointers on all of these topics.

Time to Say Goodbye

An air conditioner can last up to fifteen years with annual maintenance and regular filter changes. During times of near-constant use, that usually means changing the filter once a month. But it is harder and harder to keep them operating efficiently as they age. Here are some signs that your air conditioner is ready to say goodbye.

  • Age: An air conditioner over ten years old is more likely to encounter expensive repair needs or simply not be able to operate as efficiently as it once did. If your air conditioner was manufactured before 2010, it probably uses R22, a refrigerant that is no longer produced, so if it develops a leak, it will not be able to be repaired.
  • Inefficiency: If your annual maintenance is no longer able to bring your air conditioner back to a reasonable level of efficiency, and your utility bills are increasing, it’s time for a replacement.
  • Ineffectiveness: Sometimes, an air conditioner that fails to keep certain parts of the house cool enough is due to a duct problem. But if you’ve had repairs and still find that your AC unit isn’t doing the job the way it used to, consider replacing it.
  • Costly Repairs: Here’s a little trick for estimating whether repair costs are a good investment. Multiply the age of the air conditioner by the cost of a required repair. If the total is more than $5000, it’s not worth it. 
  • Frequent Repairs: Maybe you don’t have a single major repair bill, but you’ve had minor repairs more and more often. Those costs add up, so it may be time to invest in a new unit.

Choosing a New Air Conditioner

There are many factors that go into determining which air conditioner is the best choice for you. The size of your home, the cost of the AC unit, and its efficiency (which affects the cost of operating the air conditioner) are some of the biggest factors. It’s important to discuss the details of your home and your needs with a professional in AC installation in Satellite Beach, FL so you are able to make a choice that you’ll be happy with in the long term. 

Other Considerations

The only air conditioners that will be on the market after January 1st, 2023 are those that meet the new energy guidelines set by the Department of Energy. If you would like to discuss the possibility of getting an air conditioner before then, you might have a wider selection of options.

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