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Options for Your Next AC Installation

Published by Derek Cormier


It’s starting to heat up out there! Are you ready for summer? More importantly, is your air conditioner ready for another summer? If it’s getting old, not working effectively, or requiring frequent repairs, it might be time to replace it. And what will you replace it with? The system that you will be happiest with will depend on your needs and your home. The more information you have about the many types of cooling systems, the easier it will be to choose the perfect one for you.

Here are some of the top-notch AC systems we offer and install.


Central AC

Probably the most well known of air conditioning systems, central AC became common in newly built homes in the 1970s, with systems of ductwork being installed during the construction of the homes. Central AC is tried and true, and as long as you have ductwork that’s in good condition, it’s worth considering the possibility that this standard option might be right for you. If you need central AC service in Melbourne, FL, our team is ready to help you out.

Ductless Mini Splits

If your ductwork is in poor condition, you might want to transition away from central AC rather than install new ducts. Or if your home is entirely lacking ductwork, you may have been relying on window AC units. A ductless mini split allows for effective, efficient cooling without ducts. Another benefit is that these systems are separated into zones, making it easy to adjust the temperature in one part of the home but not others.

Heat Pumps

These systems are extremely efficient, and with the flip of a switch, the flow of refrigerant can be reversed. This means that when seasons change, your comfort can be maintained with a single system. During summer, the refrigerant can carry heat outward and disperse it outside of your home, and during winter, the refrigerant flowing in the opposite direction can bring heat into your home, even when it’s quite cold outside.

Packaged AC

If you have a manufactured or mobile home, this is the system for you. The entire unit is outdoors, which saves you space in a small home. Ductwork is installed underneath the home and thoroughly enclosed and reinforced to protect it from the elements.

VRV/VRF Systems

Variable refrigerant volume and variable refrigerant flow systems are a new innovation that controls energy usage and stabilizes temperature throughout a whole home by controlling the amount of refrigerant being used at any given time. Not many companies are installing these systems yet, and we’re very excited about all the benefits they offer, so please reach out if you want to hear more!

Zone Control

What if you have ductwork but love the idea of the precise control in different parts of your home that ductless systems offer? You’ll be glad to know that zone control can be added to your central AC system, too.

By installing dampers in your ducts, like doors that can be opened and closed, and separate thermostats for the various zones of your home, you can direct cool air to certain areas without having to keep your whole home completely cooled. This can dramatically reduce energy usage.

Whichever system interests you the most, we’d love to chat with you about it.

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