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How to Know if Your Ductwork Should Be Replaced

Published by Derek Cormier


It can be easy to overlook your ductwork when you’re thinking about your air conditioning and heating systems. Yes, you should have your AC unit and your heater maintained every year. But they’re not going to provide the temperature comfort you deserve if your ductwork isn’t distributing the heated or cooled air effectively. And not just that—issues with your ducts can cause significant problems with your indoor air quality.

Can your ductwork be repaired? Should it be replaced instead? And what is that process like? We’ll go over some helpful information with you.


Air Quality Concerns

Particles: If there are tears, cracks, or holes in your ducts, air can be sucked into the system from unoccupied areas of your house. This means places between your walls or in your attic.

This air can contain a lot of stuff: sheetrock dust, mouse droppings, and even insulation fibers. It’s not nice to breathe. If the tears are only in a limited area, ducts can be resealed. If the damage is extensive, or your ducts are deteriorating from age and cracking in many places, replacement is necessary.

Moisture: If your ducts are set up in a way that allows moisture to pool, they become a perfect habitat for mold and bacteria to grow. If you notice a musty smell near your vents, this is a sign that mildew is growing in there.

Ducts can be professionally cleaned. Don’t try to do this yourself, because experts have training and tools that allow them to clean ducts safely without damaging them. But if the system is laid out in a way that will allow moisture to pool again, you’ll soon be facing the same problem unless you have your ducts replaced.

Functionality Problems

You should not have to tolerate loud noises, a struggling or failing motor, difficulty maintaining the right temperature, or your HVAC system heating or cooling your home unevenly. These problems are common in ducted HVAC systems and the most likely cause is that your system is undersized for your home. In fact, up to 80% of the ductwork systems we inspect are simply not large enough to adequately do the job that’s being asked of them.

Financial Impacts

A system experiencing constant strain because too much is being asked of it will use much more energy than a properly sized system. Leaky ducts that allow heated or cooled air to escape rather than be directed where it’s needed will drive your utility bills way up. Rather than paying huge bills for energy you don’t need to be using, consider investing in a more efficient system.

Our Process

If you think it might be time for duct installation in Satellite Beach, FL, our first step is to evaluate your existing system. Sizing, placement, air circulation and filtration, and insulation will all be considered. We will provide you with images of the areas of concern, a detailed report about the condition of your ductwork, and a suggested plan for improving or replacing your system with a clear explanation of the cost—and this inspection and estimate is completely free.

Contact Climate Experts Air, Plumbing & Electric today for more information about ductwork repair and replacement. We’re your indoor weathermen!