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5 Things To Know About Blow-In Insulation

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As the temperature drops, the furnace works harder to keep it heated. In such conditions, water pipes are also at risk of freezing and breaking. Insulation is the optimal way to keep your energy bills low during all seasons of the year, especially if you want to make improvements with heating or cooling systems.

Today’s building codes mandate that walls and attics be adequately insulated. Blow-in insulation is an excellent option in this case. It’s a type of rigid foam that’s blown into the wall cavity between studs, rafters, or trusses. It fills up irregular spaces and creates an even layer of material in walls to help you save energy.

Here are five things you know about blow-in insulation:

1.  Quick And Easy Installation

It’s easy to install and can be done in a day. It also has no limitations on the height of ducts means you don’t have to worry about getting ladders or other equipment for your team members to use during installation. In addition, blow-in insulation can be installed over existing insulation.

2.  Several Types Are Available

  • Fiberglass

It’s the most common type of blown-in insulation. It’s made of tiny fibers that are bonded together, and it can be installed in any climate. Fiberglass duct insulation is inexpensive and doesn’t require any special tools.

  • Cellulose

It’s made of recycled paper, and it’s the most environmentally friendly type of blown-in insulation. It’s not as effective as fiberglass at insulating ducts can be messy to install and could attract pests.

  • Mineral Wood

It’s made of natural fibers and minerals such as rock and slag and is the most expensive type of blown-in insulation. It can only be installed in specific climates and is resistant to fire and moisture.

3.  Great For Older Homes

Older homes often have a lot of nooks and crannies that are hard to insulate using traditional methods. Blow-in insulation is perfect for these areas, as it can easily fill in the spaces and provide maximum coverage. You can even blow it into the duct system of your home to ensure you are getting coverage in all areas.

4.  Research Before Hiring Anyone

The most important thing is to research different companies before hiring anyone. Get online reviews and ask friends for referrals to find a reputable company. Make sure the company is licensed and insured. This type of backing is what’s going to give you peace of mind.

5.  A Few Disadvantages

The installer has to be very careful to make sure the insulation is evenly distributed throughout the attic. If it’s not, there could be cold spots. Blow-in insulation can be blown back out of the attic if there are high winds or storms in your area, so it’s important to secure it with boards and nails after installation.

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