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Benefits of a Whole House Air Purifier

Published by Derek Cormier

When the weather forecast talks about air quality being impacted by wildfires or pollen, you are likely to hear the advice to stay indoors. The fact of the matter is, Americans are already indoors the vast majority of the time. But what if the indoor air quality in your home is also lower than you’d like?

Newer homes are more airtight than construction used to be, and this is great for energy efficiency. But it also means that if something is compromising your indoor air quality, you’re pretty much stuck with it. Or you could consider the possibility that a whole house air purifier might be the perfect choice for you. 

When to Consider an Air Purifier

Indoor air quality can have a huge impact on your well-being, and not just your health. Poor indoor air quality can lead to condensation on walls and windows and water damage to your belongings. It can cause mildew to grow, leaving items like clothes or books musty and stained. It can leave residue in your ductwork or on your air conditioner’s cooling coils. And it can make your home feel stuffy or smell unpleasant. If you’ve noticed any of these things happening in your home, you have poor indoor air quality. There are a variety of different air purifiers that use different methods to eliminate contaminants. We are happy to discuss your options or answer any other questions about indoor air quality in Palm Bay, FL

Whole House Air Purifiers Are Cost-Efficient

While a single portable air purifier may be cheaper, it won’t have a very significant impact on your home’s overall air quality. It would take several small units to purify the air throughout the entire home. Not only would purchasing all those portable purifiers be expensive, maintaining them would be much more costly than the maintenance required for a single system. And the cleaner air provided by a whole-house system will decrease the particles and contaminants flowing through your HVAC system, decreasing the frequency and expense of HVAC air filter changes.

Whole House Air Purifiers Are Convenient

Your whole house air purifier will likely be connected to the existing HVAC or ductwork system of your home. There will be no purifier units taking up space in various rooms throughout your house. There will be no worry about where to plug units in, and no tripping over their cords. And the single system is quieter than having several units running throughout the house, so you will have peace and quiet as well as the peace of mind of knowing you’re breathing cleaner air.

Whole House Air Purifiers Help Your HVAC System

An HVAC system with dirty, contaminated air flowing through it will need more frequent air filter changes, more frequent repairs due to the increased strain the buildup puts on the system, and they simply won’t last as many years before it needs to be completely replaced. An HVAC system with purified air flowing through it will work more efficiently and last longer. 

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