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How Duct Cleaning Helps Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Published by Derek Cormier


In the 1970s, new homes started to be constructed with ductwork. This was to accommodate the new and popular central air conditioners which have now become so common. There are many reasons why this system continues to be popular more than sixty years later, but like everything, there are some potential downsides.

One is that deep inside the ductwork, where you can’t see, dirt and debris accumulate, and as your conditioned air blows past that, it can contaminate the air in your home. What can you do if you suspect your ductwork is dirty? Consider professional duct cleaning services. 

Dust in Your Ducts

Much of the dust around our homes is made of dead skin cells. It’s not a pretty thought, but it’s also not a big health risk. Unfortunately, it’s a tasty snack for dust mites and their waste can cause health concerns. Some individuals are highly allergic to dust for this reason.

But even if you’re not allergic, clouds of dust being blown out of your air vents can cause respiratory irritation. Duct cleaning in Melbourne, FL can dramatically reduce the amount of dust you breathe, as well as the dust that settles on the surfaces and floors of your home. You might spend less time cleaning your house as well as breathing more easily.

Common Allergens

It’s not just the droppings of dust mites that can drift through your air and cause an allergic reaction. Two of the substances very commonly found in indoor air are pet dander and pollen. Again, these contribute to the amount of dust you have to clean up around your house, but they can also cause serious allergy symptoms. If they’ve built up in your ductwork, you may be sneezing and wiping your watery eyes a lot more than you should.

Mold Growth

If there’s a mildew smell in your home, like old water-damaged books or a damp basement, it’s coming from somewhere. If you can’t spot any mold in the visible areas of your home, it’s entirely possible that it’s in your ductwork.

Mold can grow in any dark place where dampness is allowed to accumulate, and breathing mold-contaminated air can be very dangerous to your health. If you have any suspicions that there may be mold inside your ducts, having them professionally cleaned should be a top priority. 

The Professional Touch

It’s critical to have your air ducts cleaned by qualified professionals. Improper cleaning or using incorrect cleaning tools can cause significant damage to ductwork. And damaged ductwork is something you definitely don’t want: up to 30% of the money spent on air conditioning can be wasted in homes with damaged ducts, as that precious cooled air leaks out of cracks and holes!

Because there are various types of ducts—different shapes, different materials—you need a technician who has been trained to select the right tools for that specific job and use them properly. 

If your home is unpleasantly dusty, if you or your family members have respiratory symptoms or allergies, or if you’ve been noticing a suspicious mildew smell, we’d love to talk with you about your duct cleaning options.

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