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How Duct Cleaning May Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Published by Derek Cormier

If you have ductwork in your home, it’s easy to forget about it while you enjoy the heated or cooled air that it provides. But as with any space in your home, it’s possible for debris to accumulate there. How could you possibly know what’s lurking inside your ductwork? The answer is, by having it professionally cleaned.

Let’s look at factors that make it critical that you have your ductwork cleaned, whether there are any reasons not to have your ductwork cleaned, and some benefits you may enjoy once the cleaning is done.


When Duct Cleaning Is Necessary

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are a few times when it’s truly important to make sure your ductwork is completely clean.

  • First, if you can see significant deposits of dust inside the ducts, beyond a bit of accumulation on the vents or if your home has a problem with dust accumulation.
  • Second, if there is a mold problem. You can’t see everywhere inside your ducts, but if there is a musty, mildew smell, it’s possibly coming from your ductwork. Also, mold loves moisture, so if you’re concerned that dampness is allowed to accumulate in your ductwork, it’s at high risk for mold.
  • Third, if you or your family members have respiratory symptoms or allergy flare-ups at home without any other obvious cause. These reactions could be due to dust, mold, or other allergens like pollen and pet hair in your ductwork and thus carried out with your heated and conditioned air to the rest of your home.

Another time when ducts should be cleaned is if you suspect a leak, crack, hole, or other damage. A technician will be much better able to determine the location and extent of the damage and make a clear plan for repairing it once the ducts have been cleaned.

When Duct Cleaning Shouldn’t Be Done

Although the EPA only suggests that duct cleaning is necessary for these particular situations, it also has something to say about duct cleaning under other circumstances: the only time that duct cleaning is a bad idea is when it’s not done by capable professionals.

If you’re concerned about dust or particles in your ducts in general, you should never try to clean the interiors of the ducts yourself or have it done by an unqualified amateur. This can lead to major problems, as ducts come in many types and it’s important to use the right tools in the right way for each type of ductwork to avoid accidental damage during the cleaning process. Make sure you only work with reputable experts in duct cleaning in Melbourne, FL.

Benefits of Clean Ducts

Once your ductwork has been professionally cleaned, you won’t have to worry any longer that the air you’re breathing is full of recirculated mold spores or other unpleasant things that could affect your well-being. You may even find that your home is less dusty in general, allowing you to spend less time wiping down surfaces or sweeping.

And your HVAC system will be thrilled with the clean ducts. Particles in your ductwork being constantly pushed out into the air and pulled back into the system mean particles getting caught in your heater and air conditioner. This dusty buildup can lead to parts overheating, ineffective heating and cooling, inefficient energy use, and higher utility bills.

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