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HVAC Winter Maintenance | Schedule

Published by Derek Cormier

With the sweltering hot days of summer seemingly long behind us, the last thing many people are thinking about is HVAC winter maintenance. Having your HVAC properly maintained during the off season is just as important as it is during the summer. To read why Climate Experts is the best choice on the Space Coast read our blog here. Here are a few things to consider:

Forward Thinking

We live in Central Florida so we know it’s going to get hot again sooner than later. During these few months where the air is cool, you have to consider looking at your HVAC system even if doesn’t seem necessary. If there is an issue that is going unelected because you are not using your system for a few months it may not work when you need it. The beginning of the warm season is always busy for us. People turn on their AC on that first hot day only to find out it is not cooling properly. This is why HVAC winter maintenance is so critical.

Why Does This Happen

Most people tend to forget the unforgiving heat and use they have put their HVAC system through over the last summer. Heavy use during the summer months are common, This causes wear and tear on the system. Many problems regular maintenance may be able to correct go unnoticed toward the end of summer. Problems are not addresses since the system is no longer in use.

Problems to Address

When a system does not go through a proper winter maintenance we often see the following:

  • Condenser drain lines are clogged. This causes the system to not operate and/or leak.
  • AC Coils are not cleaned. This causes system inefficiency and poor cooling once turned on.
  • Refrigerant Leaks. Refrigerant has several months to slowly leak. This causes the system to blow hot air.
  • Poor air quality due to old filters. Other preventative maintenance should take place. This ensures the air you and your family breathes come summertimes is as clean as possible.

Proper maintenance of a system helps prevent costly repairs. There are many other issues that can go unelected if a system is not in use.

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