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Warehouse Coordinator

David is our resident Viking. 

A "semi-retired" combat sports competitor, fitness enthusiast, local drag racer and an active OCR competitor. He enjoys family boating, beach days, paddling Florida's wonderful springs and connecting rivers, shooting down the white-water rapids of Ga & TN, world travel, and pretending to be a survivalist while exploring all types of outdoor terrain with his wife and three children. 


David is a multi-generation Florida native, and his grandfather King David Jones dug many of the canals still in use today in the beautiful Florida Keys. 


As a teenager, to pay for gas in his very first hotrod, David worked as a construction laborer during high school and the few years after graduation before turning a passionate car hobby into a career and joining the automotive industry. This led to 15 consecutive years in automotive parts warehouse and technical service experience, and he was part of Brevard counties one and only team to ever earn the prestigious President's Award all 15 of those years. 


When covid struck, David started looking into ways to protect his family. The deeper he searched for what "HE" could do for peace of mind during a rapidly spreading respiratory virus led him to the most important thing; Ensuring the air quality inside his home was safe and clean for not only his wife and kids but also their elderly family members that wished to come and see his infant son. In his research he found out a fellow automotive enthusiast within his circle of friends worked for Climate Experts A/C as a lead technician. He reached out for advice on how he can ensure the air quality in his home is as safe as possible. After hearing Chris speak so passionately about all the ways you can be sure to have the purest and safest air in your home, David was blown away and quite frankly scared for his family as he was unaware of all the different things that affect this. Chris set him up with the dispatch team and David got a service call for a full inspection and breakdown of his air ducts with full report of all of his options the very next day.


After seeing how thorough and knowledgeable every person he interacted with at Climate Experts was, he reached out to the owner Derek to simply thank him and make sure he knew how impressed he was with the level of service he received, and the knowledge passed on to him about what and WHY his a/c ducts were not as clean as he thought.


During their conversation David came to discover there was a need for somebody with his background knowledge in inventory and warehouse coordinating at Climate Experts! David and Derek set up a meeting and David was again, mind blown at the culture and high standards set by the team at Climate Experts. "I knew I wanted to be a part of this team if I could! It is a customer satisfaction through employee satisfaction agenda."


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