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The Face of Climate Experts

Chilly was born into a famous Hollywood penguin family, he was bound for stardom from the cradle. If you look closely, he has a strong resemblance to his father and uncles who were prominently featured in a Dreamworks film franchise. Chilly had little interest in showbiz so after graduating from Beverly Hills High he struck out on his own to “discover” himself.

Eventually Chilly or “Chill” as his friends call him, found himself in central Florida and at loose ends when he ran across a retired public servant who recognized that, without a heading, and some goals this young penguin would end up in trouble.

That retired public servant was, none other than Derek, the owner and founder of Climate Experts who was at that time looking to take on an apprentice. Derek offered to take Chilly under his wing and teach him about the HVAC business.  At first Chill started working as a repair technician, however due to his abnormally short flippers, lack of opposable thumbs and the constant distraction of live fish on job sites, Chilly’s career as a tech was short lived. Derek was not ready to give up on his young protege and eventually moved Chilly to a public relations position where he shined and continues to thrive to this day as the face of Climate Experts! In his own unique way, Chilly followed in his family’s footsteps afterall.