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Maintenance Services in Melbourne, FL

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Routine Maintenance is the key to keeping your Air Conditioning Equipment running at its optimal performance and highest efficiency levels.

Many homeowners only call for air conditioning service when something goes wrong with their system. This reactive approach can mean they end up paying more than they would have if they had simply been proactive and had regular bi-annual AC tune-ups.

The Climate Experts team can help you avoid, find and fix minor issues with your system before they become bigger problems that could potentially require major repairs or full AC replacement.

Some of the major benefits of being a member of our maintenance plan:

  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment
  • Improved comfort throughout your home
  • Fewer repair needs
  • Protecting your warranty coverage *Many Manufacturer warranties require regular professional tune-ups throughout the warranty coverage period Without regular maintenance, the warranty coverage may be void. Is it worth the risk? Call our Team today to learn more about the value of our Yearly Titanium Maintenance Plan. You’ll be glad you did!


We’re proud to always put your comfort needs first—and to be the AC contractor that Melbourne Florida and surrounding city residents can trust whenever they need air conditioning service.

Let us show you why we are your top-rated AC company in Melbourne, FL by calling “Your Indoor Weathermen” today!

Corrosion Protection Plans 

Living on the Space Coast we encounter a lof of issues with corrosion. Corrosion, rust and wear and tear are the main contributors to refrigerant leaks and most mechanical failures in your HVAC system. We offer several corrosion protection packages to help protect your investment. 

Economy Corrosion Protection

Zinc Anode attached to the copper line set need the condensing unit. This inhibits the corrosion of the aluminum fins. It protects continuously, even in hostile salt air enviornments 

  • Zinc Anode Grenade - $289

Mid Range Corrosion Protection

The protective air conditioning cover is installed on your condensing unit and can be left on all year-round. It lifts automatically when your AC system is running! No other cover offers such protection and convenience simultaneously. This cover keeps leaves, dirt and harsh weather from deteriorating your air conditioner all year, and never needs to be removed!

  • Condenser Protective Cover - $549

Premium Corrosion Protection 

Corrosion is a top contributor to leaks in the refrigeration system. We apply a specialty coating to the condensing units’ coils and cabinet as a protective layer to help protect against rust and corrosion. The coating has a blue tint to it as to know when the product needs to be re-applied in the future. Coating typically offers 1-2 years of protection depending on the environment.

  • Anti-Corrosion Blue Condenser Coating - $750 

Premium + (Bundle) Corrosion Protection

Get Full system protection against corrosion! Includes - 1 zinc anode grenade,1 Custom condenser cover, Anti-Corrosion blue condenser coating

  •  Anti-Corrosion Bundle (Only $72 per month for 18 months, 0 interest, or 1 payment of $1,299)

  • One 24 point A/C Tune up
  • One 18 point Heating Tune up
  • Two Diagnostic Service Calls
  • Two Pounds 410a refrigerant
Climate Experts Air and Heat's Titanium Plan

The Titanium Plan

Our HVAC Maintenance Plan is designed to save you money over time on electric bills, repairs, and extend the life of your system.

Contact Us to Join

  • 10% Discount off of repairs
  • 10% Discount off new system installation
  • Priority Service
  • Only $199 for 12 months of coverage