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Five Simple Steps To Prepare Your AC System For Summer

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Are you ready for the Florida summer?! No, I don’t mean bikini ready, I’m talking about staying cool on those hot summer days with a top-notch running AC system. HVAC maintenance is key to reducing high electric bills, preventing mechanical break-downs, and ensuring the optimal function of your unit. Here are five steps to prepare your AC system for the summer. (Steps 1-4 are to be completed while the AC system is OFF)

1. Check your air filters. Dirty filters are one of the top causes of AC malfunction and are one of the easiest maintenance steps for homeowners. Make sure to date filters when replacing them. Depending on filter type most filters need to be replaced every 30-90 days but always refer to the manufacturer specifications. Even if filters look clean they may be clogged with fine dust particles, this is why it is important to date them and change accordingly.

2. Clean (vacuum or use a dust cloth) supply and return grilles. Dirt and dust can build up on both supply and return air grilles and cause a lack of airflow. After you clean the grilles, sanitize them with a spray or wipe, in order to prevent bacteria growth.

3. Put vinegar in the drain line. The drain line at your air handler usually has a cleanout port to pour white distilled vinegar in, which will eliminate sludge that can build up and cause water back-up or overflow. I recommend adding 1 cup of DWV every 3 months.

4. Clean condenser. Being outdoors the condensing unit can accumulate dirt, dust, and leaves in the coils which reduces efficiency. With a garden hose, use a low-pressure nozzle to spray and rinse condenser. Remove any leaves, sticks, or debris from the top grille of the condensing unit to prevent the fan blade from being obstructed.

5. Turn on your AC system. Set the temperature 5 degrees lower than the current temperature in your home. During operation ensure there are not any loud noises, foul odors, or excessive vibrations coming from the HVAC system. Check each grille to ensure there is proper air-flow.

If you don’t feel comfortable or capable of any of the 5 steps, leave it up to us! Call Climate Experts at (321) 345-3415 and we’d be happy to complete a tune-up and make sure you’re AC is running to its best ability- so you can leave the summer heat at the beach!