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If Your AC Makes These Sounds, There’s a Problem

Published by Derek Cormier


It’s always good to catch air conditioner problems early so you can get repairs before the situation worsens. You definitely don’t want your air conditioner to fail completely because you didn’t notice the signs that a problem was developing! How can you tell if your air conditioner needs repair? One of the best ways is by listening to the sounds it makes.

The best way to know if your air conditioner is making a worrisome noise is to pay attention to the usual sounds it makes when it’s working well. Then, if a new sound occurs, you’ll notice it easily and pay attention. It should make quiet and consistent sounds: the hum of the compressor during cooling cycles, and the whir of the fan moving the cool air out into your home. What sounds are cause for alarm? There are several.


Refrigerant moves through coils to carry heat out of your home and disperse it outside. If there’s a crack in the coils somewhere, you may hear hissing as the refrigerant escapes. Damaged coils can be repaired and refrigerant can be refilled, and it’s best to do this promptly. As you lose refrigerant, you will lose cooling power, and as the air conditioner tries harder and harder to accomplish the task of cooling, it will use more and more energy and drive your utility bills up.

Another cause of a hissing noise is a leaky valve or a compressor problem. If the hissing seems to be coming from the compressor and not the coils, this is more likely. Repairs should be done as soon as possible because the strain on the compressor can cause it to fail completely, and it is the most critical part of the AC unit. 


Does it sound like something is banging around inside your air conditioner? It’s entirely possible that something is. Perhaps a fan has come free from where it was mounted. Loose parts can damage other components that they crash into, turning a quick and easy repair into a major one, so address this straight away with AC repair in Palm Beach, FL.


Is your air conditioner screaming in distress? This is a sign of a very serious compressor issue. You should turn it off immediately. It’s likely that your compressor’s pressure is too high, and you should never run an air conditioner with this problem. Again, if the compressor goes out, you no longer have an air conditioner. It’s often more expensive to replace a compressor than to replace the entire unit. Don’t turn it on again until you’ve had it repaired. 

In any of these cases, prompt repairs can do a lot more than get your air conditioner working well again. They can save you money by avoiding inefficient operation, and they can preserve those parts of the air conditioner that are still in good shape until the damaged component can be repaired or replaced.

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