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How Long Does an AC Installation Take?

Published by Derek Cormier


Living in Florida, air conditioning is a top priority. It can be unbearable to try to live without it when an AC unit breaks down. So replacing your air conditioner can be quite urgent. However, scheduling that replacement can be inconvenient so you should know exactly what goes into the AC replacement process, especially how long it will take. 

Here are the steps we take in AC replacement, the amount of time that usually takes, factors that can cause it to take longer, and the things you can do to streamline the process and make it as efficient as possible.

Pre-Replacement Considerations

To ensure that your air conditioner will work effectively and efficiently, keeping your home cool without wasting your money on unnecessary bills, it’s critical to select the right air conditioner. This means that the size and layout of your home will be carefully assessed by our technicians and used to calculate the size of the air conditioner you need.

Only then should you select a specific model. If an air conditioner is too small, it won’t be able to cool your house effectively. If it’s too large, it will likely short cycle, which uses an excess of energy and causes strain on the system. 

The Replacement Process

When your technician arrives for AC installation in Melbourne, FL, they will assess the situation and give you an estimate of how long the installation will take. They will take steps to protect your home such as laying ground cloths on the floor so it won’t be damaged. Then they will remove the existing unit, install the new one, and run through some tests to make sure it’s running properly. 

Factors That Increase Installation Time

The main thing that makes an installation a lengthier process is when you want to replace your old AC unit with a different type of system. For example, if you had a window or portable unit and you’re transitioning to a central air system it involves more steps. This might include installing ductwork throughout your house which would add a considerable amount of time to your installation.

Ideal Installation Time

In a simple situation where an AC unit is being replaced with the same type of AC system, an installation can usually be done in a single day. It might take as little as four hours, but it might be more like eight. After assessing what needs to be done, your technician can give you a clearer idea of what you can expect.

Ways You Can Streamline the AC Installation Process

There are some steps you can take to make sure your technician will be able to do the job easily and without any additional delays.

  • First, make sure the path is clear from the parking area to where both the indoor and outdoor components are located.
  • Make sure there’s nothing for us to trip over or navigate around such as bicycles outside or toys on the floor inside.
  • Move any furniture that significantly blocks the way and clear the work area.
  • Trim or weed any plants around the outdoor unit to make it easily accessible.
  • Shut any pets in a separate area of your home. No matter how friendly they are, it’s harder to work with them underfoot, and we would feel terrible if we stepped on a curious paw or let a pet escape out the door while installing your air conditioner. 

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