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Key Signs of Spring AC Trouble

Published by Derek Cormier

It’s that time of year again when the weather starts to warm up and we start thinking about turning on our air conditioners. But what happens when your AC unit starts acting up?

Unfortunately, AC problems don’t take a vacation just because it’s springtime. In fact, as your AC unit prepares to work overtime cooling your home, it’s more likely to experience some wear and tear.

AC repair in Melbourne, FL, can be costly, so it’s best to catch the problem early. If you don’t want to be left in the heat, it’s essential to know the key signs that your AC unit needs repair. Here are a few of them:

Your AC Unit Is Making Strange Noises

If your air conditioner starts making unusual noises, there’s a good chance something is wrong. Loose components, worn bearings, and compressor problems are all common reasons for AC noise. It’s critical to call a professional as early as possible to inspect your equipment and identify the issue.

Your AC Unit Is Leaking Water

If your AC unit is leaking water, it’s a good indication that it needs repair. While a little condensation is natural, a puddle of water around your air conditioner isn’t. If you discover that your air conditioner is leaking water, there might be an obstruction in the drain line or a refrigerant leak.

Your AC Unit Is Not Blowing Cold Air

If your air conditioner isn’t producing cold air, there’s a good chance something is wrong. There are a few potential reasons for this, including a dirty air filter, low refrigerant levels, or an issue with the evaporator coil. The best way to determine the cause of the problem is to call a professional.

Your AC Unit Is Running Constantly

If your air conditioner seems to be running constantly, it might be overworked. This can be caused by several issues, including a dirty air filter, incorrect thermostat settings, or closed vents. It could also be a sign that it’s too small for your home and needs to be replaced.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

If your energy bills rise despite the fact that you’re not utilizing your AC unit more than usual, it’s an indication that something is wrong. This might be triggered by a variety of problems, such as an unclean air filter, compressor issue, or refrigerant leak. The best way to find the source of the problem is to call a professional.

You Notice A Foul Smell

If your air conditioner begins to emit an unpleasant odor, it’s an indication that something is wrong. This is generally due to germs or mold growth inside the device, and it must be addressed as soon as possible. If not, it can result in severe health concerns.

The Ultimate Fix

If you notice any of these key signs, it’s essential to contact a professional AC repair company. Our team of experts will inspect your unit, identify the problem, and provide a solution that fits your needs. We also provide AC maintenance services to prevent future issues.

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