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What Your AC Sounds Mean

Published by Derek Cormier

Now that we’ve reached fall, it finally gives you time to breathe and look over the patterns that have been going on in your home. How was your air conditioner’s operation over the summer? Did it leave a little to be desired? If this is the case for you, then we want to help you bridge the divide between the service you’re currently experiencing and great service. 

We can help you with air conditioning repair in Melbourne, FL. Today, we’d like to focus on what weird air conditioning sounds you might hear. If you hear weird air conditioning sounds, then you know how concerning this becomes. We want to help you figure out your air conditioning issue and then get your system back on track. 

The Sounds You’re Hearing

Let’s discuss the sounds you might hear coming from your air conditioner.


If you’re hearing a clicking noise only when your air conditioner starts running or when it turns off, this is completely normal. This is literally just the sound of your air conditioner starting and stopping. Anything more than this is going to be an issue though. Ongoing clicking sounds are a problem because they typically indicate an electrical issue. Your electrical issue can fire too many times and cause repeated clicking sounds. The sound could also be an obstruction from your fan.


Do you hear your air conditioner hissing when it runs? Hissing is a huge issue. This is because, most of the time, a hissing sound indicates an issue with leaking refrigerant. This is something that we suggest you handle as soon as possible to avoid further air conditioning issues. The longer a leak goes on, the worse things will get.


A loud, banging noise is typically an issue with your compressor. If you hear this going on, our professionals can come out, take note of any issues you’re having, and then help you create a plan to solve them.

The Timing of Your Repair and the Team You Choose

The timing of your repair services and the team you’re going to choose to fix these repair services is just as important as anything else you’ve got going on. This is why we take the proper time to address both. Let’s start with timing…

You should make sure that you’re addressing the air conditioning problems you’re facing in a timely manner. We know that we’re reaching the end of the cooling season. That doesn’t mean that you should just allow the problems to lie in wait until the spring season. It’s always better to handle these issues now. This way, when springs rolls around, you can relax and be completely prepared for what’s to come.

Choosing the right team is something that you want to consider as well. We’re a great team to rely on because we make sure that every one of our professionals has the right expertise. There isn’t a weak link in our group. We’re prepared to get you the services necessary to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

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