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What to Expect During Residential AC Installation

Published by Derek Cormier


Congratulations on the new air conditioner you’re having installed! Once you’ve decided it’s time for AC replacement, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the quality comfort and efficiency of your new cooling system. But first, you need to get through the installation. Do you know what to expect?

We’ll go over the steps your AC installer will take, how long they’ll be working on it, and what you can do to streamline the process. 

Steps of the AC Installation Process

You’ll get an appointment on a certain day and time. If your installer is running a little late, they will let you know. When they arrive, they’ll first get the lay of the land. After taking a look at what needs to be done and where everything is, your technician will be able to give you a more precise estimate of how long their work will take.

They’ll take steps to protect your home such as laying down a ground cloth. They’ll remove your existing AC unit, make any modifications that are necessary, and install the new unit. Before they go, they’ll start it up and make sure it’s working perfectly, and then tidy up the installation area.

How Long AC Installation Takes

Under ideal circumstances, the whole process can be done in as little as four hours. Sometimes it takes more like eight. But in certain instances, when significant modifications need to be made, it can take even longer, and have to be done over more than one day. Here are some of the situations that make for a longer installation process. 

  • First-Time Central AC: If you’ve used portable or window units in the past and are having a central air conditioner installed for the first time, modifications to your home may be necessary.
  • Changing AC Type: If you had one type of system, for example a traditional air conditioner, and are switching to something else like a ductless system or heat pump, it may require some additional work.
  • Duct Repair or Installation: If your ducts are damaged, or if you’ve never had ductwork in your home, that may need to be addressed in order for your installation to be complete.

Streamlining Your AC Installation

To make things go as quickly and smoothly as possible with your AC installation in Palm Bay, FL, you can take some steps yourself before your installer arrives.

First, clear the way to your outdoor AC unit so there’s an easy path without obstacles, and clear the area around the existing outdoor unit of any debris, trimming grass or hedges if necessary.

Second, clear the way to your indoor AC unit and the area where the installer will be working inside. Make sure there’s no clutter for them to trip over as they bring the new unit in, and move any furniture that may make it hard for them to work in that area.

Third, secure your pets in another part of the house. Even the friendliest pet will be curious and might get underfoot, and your technician and your pet will be happier if there’s no risk of a paw getting stepped on or an indoor pet escaping out the door.

We hope you feel more prepared for your installation now, but if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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