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7 Signs You Need AC Duct Repair

Published by Derek Cormier

It’s been about fifty years since new homes started to be routinely built with ductwork for the newly popular central air conditioners, and of course, places like Florida were some of the quickest to adopt this system so that Floridians could escape the heat.

This means that in many middle-aged houses, the ductwork is quite old, and nothing lasts forever. Even in newer homes, damage to ductwork can occur. But often the ducts themselves are tucked out of sight—between walls, above ceilings—and the damage might not be visible. How can you tell when your AC ductwork needs to be repaired? Here are 7 telltale signs that it’s time for a professional to take a look at your ducts.

1: Dust

Tears or holes in ductwork can allow dust-filled air from unoccupied spaces to be sucked into your HVAC system and blown out into your home. Dust-clogged vents, heavily dust-choked air filters, excess dust within the AC or heating system, or a lot of dust in your air and throughout your home can all point to a need for duct sealing in damaged areas.

2: Noise

While your air conditioner and heating system do make some noise, your ducts should not make much. Occasional sounds from the metal expanding and contracting as it changes temperature are normal. Rattling, buzzing, or whistling are not. It may be that a section of ductwork needs to be more firmly secured so as not to clatter against other parts of your home, or that a leak is sucking air in and making an odd sound.

3: Odor

If you can smell mildew, there’s mold growing somewhere. If you can’t see that mold, it very well could be in your ductwork. If moisture pools somewhere in there, the damp and dark conditions make a perfect home for mold. Duct cleaning services can get the interior of your ducts mildew-free and smelling fresh, and a minor adjustment to the ductwork could help prevent moisture pooling in the future.

4: Airflow

A kink, blockage, disconnected section, or hole can impede airflow through a portion of your ductwork. If some of your vents are not providing decent airflow, it’s quite likely that the ducts are to blame.

5: Unevenness

Are some parts of your home consistently at a comfortable temperature while other areas are often too hot or too cold? Get duct repair in Melbourne, FL to get to the bottom of the issue, so you can have the ideal even temperature throughout your whole home.

6: Respiratory Problems

Mildew, dust, pollen, pet hair, and even insulation fibers pulled in through cracks in ductwork can be blown out of vents and into the air of your home. This can trigger allergy symptoms, exacerbate existing conditions like asthma, and generally irritate eyes, noses, throats, and lungs.

7: Infestation

If you hear scratching noises, smell anything like a pet store or a dumpster, see droppings or nesting materials when you peek in the vents, or have any other reason to suspect that pests have infiltrated your ductwork, get professional help. It’s best to address this issue as quickly as possible before extensive damage occurs.