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Vero Beach, FL HVAC Services

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At Climate Experts Air and Heat we specialize in HVAC services for beachside clients in Vero Beach, FL. Our technicians understand how air conditioning equipment can be affected by the salt air and the corrosive environment. We offer several solutions for corrosion protection and prevention such as zinc anodes, clear coats, condenser covers, and chemical cleanings. When installing an air conditioning system in Vero Beach, FL we ensure the unit is located in an area that is protected from direct exposure to ocean winds. Rooftop AC units on condominiums especially can be vulnerable to hurricanes and storms. We always install aluminum hurricane tie down straps and stainless steel screws to prevent rust and corrosion. Call Climate Experts today and learn more about how we can protect your air conditioning system in Vero Beach, FL.

Climate Experts Difference

  • We offer easy online booking and Free Estimates
  • All of our technicians are nationally trained and certified by HVAC manufacturers to properly service your hvac system
  • We strive to provide 5 star service to all of our customers and are backed by an A+ rating with the BBB and over 500 5 star reviews online.
  • Our customer service phone representative are available 24/7
  • We offer some of the longest warranties in the industry as long as 12 years
  • We offer easy financing for repairs and new system installation

Whether you need help with a heat pump system, a furnace, or your central air conditioner, we’re the experts to call. Spot our technicians in “the big blue rides with the penguin on the side”!

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Cooling Services in Vero Beach, FL

Air conditioning systems are very vulnerable to rust and corrosion in Vero Beach, FL. Vero Beach is located on the coast which has an extremely corrosive environment. We offer solutions to protect your AC system from corrosion and help it last longer. Keep your home cool, your family comfortable, and your indoor air clean with the help of the pros at Climate Experts Air and Heat.

Heating Services in Vero Beach, FL

Even though Floridians use their air conditioners almost the entire year, homeowners inVero Beach, FL still need to use their heat in the colder winter months. We understand your frustrations when it’s time to turn on your heat pump system and it doesn’t work properly. Our technicians are certified and trained in working with all major heating systems including electric heat, heat pumps, and gas furnaces. We offer easy online booking for appointments and complete most repairs same day in Vero Beach, FL.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Vero Beach, FL

Indoor air quality is extremely important to the health of your family, from humidity levels to the elimination of contaminants like microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and volatile organic compounds. Ultraviolet lights and air purifications systems can help treat indoor air, so it is healthy and safe for your family to breathe. With high humidity levels in Vero Beach, FL it is not realistic to keep windows and doors open for circulation. This leaves all circulation to ceiling fans and the air conditioning system that circulate contaminants throughout the home. A quality whole house air purification system, like the Apco-x can treat all of the air inside the home for VOCs, viruses, and bacteria. It can even reduce odors and smells in the home with its patented carbon mesh hood. Climate Experts is a certified dealer and installer of Freshaire Apco-x products.

Commercial HVAC Services in Vero Beach, FL

Vero Beach, FL is growing and has several businesses that need climate control for their customers. After a long day at the beach, clients want to shop inside businesses that have working air conditioning systems to stay cool. We offer custom commercial maintenance plans in Vero Beach, FL for light commercial HVAC equipment. If you need replacement of your commercial air conditioning system we can get it replaced fast and partner with the most professional crane companies in Brevard County.

Air Conditioning Repair Vero Beach FL

Climate Experts provides HVAC service, repair, maintenance and installation for all of Vero Beach, FL. When your heating and air conditioning system is not working correctly, it can get pretty uncomfortable. With nationally trained and certified HVAC technicians, you can trust us with all of your air conditioning needs. When you search for “Air Conditioning Repair Vero Beach Fl” look no further than Climate Experts!

Fast, Friendly & Affordable Service

Our technicians and installers are professionally trained and certified to repair all makes and models of HVAC equipment. We use the latest and most accurate HVAC testing equipment to ensure your system is fixed the first time. Once a technician diagnoses your air conditioning system we always explain what is wrong with the system and the cost to fix the issue. We do not try to sell you things you do not need or use any sales tactics. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for more information!

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